New Website Launched!

I hand-coded my first website in 1994. (Yes, you read that correctly: 1994.) Twenty years and a few false starts later, I’m incredibly proud to announce that I finally have a real composer’s website to call my very own.

Shout-outs go to: Kelly Wong of Kelly Wong Design for doing such a spectacular job on the design and functionality (and for being just darned great to work with); Kinnon Elliot of Kinnon Elliott Illustration and Design for the new logo and branding; Linn Øyen Farley of Drollic for a greatly-appreciated assist; and, of course, my wife and daughter for putting up with me during the whole process.

Welcome! Take a look around, and enjoy the sights and sounds. They tell me the site even looks great and works well on those new-fangled “mobile phone” and “tablet” thingees I keep hearing about…

The Works Page has a list of my works, and includes a dynamic search/filter for quickly locating pieces by title, genre, instrumentation, keyword, year, and so forth. (I’ve launched with only 22 works, but will be adding to that list until my entire catalog of over 100 works is available.) Each work has a Work Detail page—accessible by clicking on the title in the table, or on the picture if it’s a Featured Work—where you can get more information about the piece, hear audio samples, see recent and upcoming performances, download scores, and the like.

The Event Calendar shows all upcoming events that feature me or my music (or, in some cases, both). You can search and filter events by date, title, and location, and view events in a variety of different formats. Each event has an Event Detail, if you want to find out more about the event or get a map to the venue.

The News Page will feature bulletins of interest regarding me or my music: announcements of new commissions, publications, or recordings; upgrades to the website; completion of new works; and so on.

The Musings Page, on the other hand, is a glorified blog, where I will occasionally (but not regularly) post something that has been on my composer’s mind.

And, of course, no composer’s site would be complete without an About Page, where you can read and download biographies and curricula vitae of various sorts and sizes.

I’ve got many, many improvements, updates, and new features planned for implementation in the next few months. Please keep coming back to see how the site grows! In the meantime, comments, kudos, and constructive criticisms are most welcome.

I look forward to filling these pages starting… now!