Furious Overfall

The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson

Furious Overfall

A monodrama for narrator and ensemble.

‚ÄúPretentious and incomprehensible‚ÄĚRobert Croan

Category:  music drama

Instrumentation:  Pierrot-plus-percussion & voices
  • narrator
  • flute/piccolo
  • clarinet/bass clarinet
  • violin
  • cello
  • piano
  • percussion

Status:  complete, awaiting engraving

Duration:  47m

Completed:  February 2001

World Premiere:  n/a

Upcoming Performances:  n/a

Notable Performances:  n/a

Commission:  Kevin Noe & PNME

Dedication:  n/a

Additional Credits:  libretto by Lara MacMillan

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