Люблю! (I Love!)

A Cycle of Ukrainian Love Poems

Люблю! (I Love!)

Settings of love poetry by the great Ukrainian poet Олександер Олесъ.

“I love to tears, to agony, to despair…
But if you knew, if you knew
How my heart blooms, how I love,
Upon my lips you would say:
I love!”

Category:  art song

Instrumentation:  tenor, cello, and piano

Status:  available

Duration:  12m 30s

Completed:  October 2013

World Premiere:  October 21, 2013
Darewych 50th Wedding Anniversary Concert

Upcoming Performances:  n/a

Other Notable Performances:
  • 2013/10/21  Darewych 50th
  • 2015/01/16  Plast Toronto 2015
  • Taras Xmil, tenor | Samuel Bisson, cello | Michael Shannon, piano

    Commission:  Dr. Jurij Darewych

    Dedication:  for his wife, Daria Darewych, on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary

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