Drunken Moon

A Monodrama for Two Voices

Drunken Moon

Commissioned by PNME as part of its 30th Anniversary season, Drunken Moon is a companion piece — a Prologue, of sorts — for Arnold Schoenberg’s seminal masterpiece, Pierrot Lunaire.

“This is must-see music.”Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Undeniably memorable and
powerfully meaningful.”

Category:  music drama

Instrumentation:  Pierrot ensemble & voices
  • soprano
  • bass-baritone
  • flute/piccolo
  • clarinet/bass clarinet
  • violin/viola
  • cello
  • piano

Status:  Completed

Duration:  27m

Completed:  June, 2006

World Premiere:  July 1, 2006
PNME 2006: “Drunken Moon”

Upcoming Performances:  n/a

Other Notable Performances:
  • 2006/07/01  PNME 2006: “Drunken Moon”
  • 2014/08/02  PNME 2014: “Drunken Moon”
  • Commission:  Kevin Noe and PNME

    Dedication:  n/a

    Additional Credits:  n/a


    30th Anniversary Argosy Foundation Recording, PNME


    Other Links:  n/a