Schmopera Interview

The wonderful Jenna Douglas from Schmopera interviewed me about my thoughts on opera, musical theatre, music drama, and the differences (if any). There’s a 2:45 video excerpt on their website — check it out!

Jenna and I met when we were on a panel together for a recent episode of Hydra (CIUT radio). We immediately hit it off, and she asked if I might be willing to talk on camera a bit about the process of composing music drama — both at the “opera” end of the spectrum, and at the “musical theatre” end. She thought the Schmopera readership might like to hear a few words from a composer’s perspective.

Of course, I hate my voice when I hear it played back to me. (Doesn’t everybody?) But I think Jenna did a great job in her edit, extracting quite a lot of material from the (very generous) original interview, and putting it together in a really compelling way. I’d love to hear what you think!